Added Strength Inc


[Keelson, kel-suhn, keel-] noun

“a longitudinal structure running above and fastened to the keel of a ship in order to stiffen and strengthen its framework.”


About Added Strength

Born from a promise we made him.

Named for our beloved Kelson, Added Strength was born from a promise we made to him; a promise to honor his life in every way we are able, and to live our lives in a way that would make him proud.

Throughout his (almost) nine years, Kelson’s life was deeply enriched by compassion and kindness our family will never forget.

“Kelson’s life was deeply enriched by compassion and kindness our family will never forget.”

Meet Kelson

For months before our precious son made his entrance to this world, we poured over names that might suit the little life we were anticipating.

Finally settling upon a non-traditional name—Kelson—a combination of his great- grandfather, Nelson, and his cousin, Kelly, we had no way of knowing just how perfectly fitting this name would be for the little boy who was about to change our lives forever.

Faced with insurmountable challenges from his first breath, Kelson Daniel Loveland embodied strength, resilience and determination from the word go.

As he endured countless surgeries, treatments and therapies, he was strong. As diagnoses piled up, and answers remained elusive, he refused to give in. As his body twisted and weakened and began to fail him, still, with extraordinary strength and courage, he fought.

And he smiled. Kelson had a smile that could truly light the world, and the twinkle in his ever-famous side-eye is remembered fondly—and with a little chuckle—by all who were lucky enough to have experienced it.