7 Days of Kelson’s Kindness

7 Days of Kindness logo

From the invitations to the favors and everything in between, birthday celebrations are very serious business in our family. From his first “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” celebration, to his fourth “Carnival of Kelson”, to his last Earthly “Super K” birthday, we went overboard to the absolute max, every time.

So as Kelson’s 9th birthday approached, just a few weeks after he’d left us for Heaven, we knew we would celebrate his special day, but our broken, grieving hearts were unsure how that might look. Loose discussions took shape quickly… how better to celebrate our little hero than to reach outside ourselves, ask others to do the same, and “sprinkle kindness like confetti” throughout a week-long, random acts of kindness campaign – all in Kelson’s name?? Even more quickly, Kelson’s sister, Emma Sue, coined the perfect name (and hashtag #7Days4Kelson)… she drafted up an eye-catching flyer… we launched a Facebook page to help spread the word… and on July 13, 2020, we kicked off the 1st Annual 7 Days of Kelson’s Kindness!!

Ways to Spread Kindness

Each year, beginning on July 14th (we counted wrong that first year) and ending on July 20th, Kelson’s birthday, we invite and encourage you to engage in random – or intentional – acts of kindness of all and every sort, remembering the love and kindness that shaped Kelson’s life!

  • Hold the door for the person behind you.
  • Make a donation to a meaningful cause.
  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn.
  • Drop off donuts and cold lemonade for the guys at the oil change place.
  • Unload the dishwasher without being asked.
  • Sprinkle actual kindness across the parking lot at the grocery store, leaving encouraging notes and lollipops on cars.

Your kindness doesn’t have to cost a single penny… think outside the box, think small or think big, just think of our Bub and go bring a smile to someone’s face!

Please visit our Facebook page and join us in revisiting past years of #7Days4Kelson.