About Added Strength

Named for our beloved Kelson, Added Strength was born from a promise we made to him…a promise to honor his life in every way we are able, and to live our lives in a way that would make him proud. Throughout his (almost) nine years, Kelson’s life was deeply enriched by compassion and kindness our family will never forget. From his early weeks, when we were drowning in the unknown, terrified of what was to come…through his best years, as he sat proud and tall at his 6th birthday party, beaming at every camera…and as we held his hands as the angels called him home, our family was wrapped tight in the love of so many. We knew then, and we know now, that we could not have survived without the strength and support of our loving families, our devoted circle of friends, our faithful church family, and a wider community of our children’s schools, our neighborhood, and an exemplary medical team.

After years on the receiving end of such strength and support, it is our turn to give back. What began as a way to celebrate Kelson’s 9th birthday…a kindness campaign we coined “7 Days of Kelson’s Kindness”…continued as we stitched and delivered hundreds of brightly colored curtains to the cancer floors at our area children’s hospitals, and grew into a plan to honor Kelson’s memory with an annual 5K walk & run – “Bub’s Run” – an event that, over the years, will benefit the various organizations that had such a lasting impact on his life.

As our family journeys forward, our promise to Kelson remains. Whatever it takes to keep his memory alive, we will do it. We will strive to give back just a fraction of the strength and support with which we were blessed for so long. We will carry on with 7 Days of Kelson’s Kindness, “sprinkling kindness like confetti” as far and wide as we are able. Kelson’s Curtains will brighten the halls of as many hospital rooms as we can muster. Bub’s Run will continue to grow, welcoming athletes of all abilities to honor and remember a smile…a laugh…our hero.

Thank you for joining us!

Andy, Becky & Emma Sue