Bub’s Run

About Bub’s Run

Our vision for Bub’s Run, first and foremost, is to honor and remember Kelson’s extraordinary life. In honoring and remembering him, we also seek to honor and support causes and organizations that were integral in enriching Kelson’s life, and that remain instrumental in providing improved quality of life for all individuals impacted by complex or enduring medical challenges, disabilities, and other exceptional needs.

Bub’s Run will benefit a different organization each year…one of many that touched Kelson’s life in some way, big or small.

THank you, 2023 Racers!

Bub’s Run welcomes athletes of all abilities, offering “Bub’s Buddies” to any participant who may need some extra help on the 5K and 1-mile courses.

DATE: Saturday, May 6, 2023

TIME: 7:30 AM

PLACE: North Cobb Christian School, 4500 Eagle Dr., Kennesaw GA 30144 

CAUSE: Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

About Our 2023 Cause

The 3rd Annual Bub’s Run benefited the Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where Kelson was so lovingly cared for throughout the last two years of his life.

All proceeds from the 2023 Bub’s Run were split equally among three specific program areas of the Aflac Center – Child Life, Chaplain services and Palliative Care/PACT services – each of which were invaluable in Kelson’s care, and the care of our entire family, and all of which are dependent upon philanthropic support to ensure they remain available for families like ours and so many others.

How Bub’s Run Began

Bubba. Bub. Our Bub. Every kid has a nickname, and Kelson had plenty… but as far back as we can recall, he was our little Bub. So when, during one particularly difficult hospitalization, the question arose, “when we lose him, because we are going to lose him… what will we want to do to honor and remember him?” A memorial 5K, of course, and we’ll call it Bub’s Run. That was as far as we had planned out loud, but as the months and years passed by, ideas were tucked away in a ‘hard to talk about’ file…where would this run happen…who would run with us…when would we do it…what cause would we benefit…what would our logo look like?? How soon after we lost him would we begin??

Kelson earned his hard-fought wings on May 5, 2020, and as the year passed by, we shared some ideas for a future Bub’s Run, but in the face of Covid, we weren’t sure when – or if – those plans would come to fruition. And then one day in March, as we sat stitching curtains, there it was – “are we doing Bub’s Run or what??” Yes. We. Are.

A few short weeks later, on a budget of $0, we welcomed over 70 walkers and runners to our neighborhood cul de sac…which was adorned with a gorgeous balloon arch…hydrated them with donated water, refueled ‘em with delicious homemade muffins, and raised over $8000 for our local MUST Ministries! And after awards were handed out and things were wrapping up, Kelson stopped by in a sprinkle of rain down from an otherwise cloudless sky.

It was perfect.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Smile Sponsor

$2500 (2 AVAILABLE)

Name/logo on t-shirt and all printed and digital materials

Recognition on race day, website and social media

2 complimentary race entries

Promotional item in goodie bag and/or table at run

Giggle Sponsor


Name/logo on t-shirt and some printed and digital materials

Recognition on race day, website and social media

1 complimentary race entry

Promotional item in goodie bag

Side-Eye Sponsor


Name/logo on t-shirt

Recognition on race day, website and social media

KDL Course Sponsor


Company provided signage positioned along race course

Recognition on race day, website and social media

In-Kind Sponsors

Name/logo on t-shirt

Recognition on race day, website and social media

Friends of Bub

Our boy was loved by folks all around this great big world, and while we know many of you can’t be here for Bub’s Run, we want to offer a way for any and everyone to offer support. Any donation in any amount outside of otherwise designated sponsors will be recognized as ‘Friends of Bub’ on race day and listed on social media.

Fill ‘Em Up!

Our goodie bags are packed full of fun, useful, unique, informative, money saving, tasty, clever, fidgety, colorful, Kelson approved (and otherwise awesome) somethings for our walkers and runners!!  If you have 300 somethings that are any of these things, we would love to add them to our bags!